Welcome to the Boomer’s Guide to Fiction

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fiction. I’ve been an avid reader for more years than I care to relate. I hold a B.A. degree in History, starting with dirt, as I like to say. I also hold a masters in Learning Disabilities. Many years ago, a friend and co-worker handed me a paperback book she had just finished reading and said, “Read this, it’s the best book I’ve ever read.” That chance occasion introduced me to one of my favorite authors. Now, I’d like to invite you to come by and share your favorite books and authors. In the interest of honesty, I must tell you that my favorite genre is Romance. I read other genre and enjoy them. But all the subgenre of Romance call to me. This blog is intended as a safety zone for Boomers to share their love of Fiction, all fiction. In the near future, I hope to bring you interviews with some of my favorite authors. I would like to include interviews with readers and open a dialogue between readers.  Come on in, and tell us what you are reading and who your favorite authors are. Welcome to my little corner of the net.


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  1. I love your new blog!

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